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IICRC Certified

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us


Find out why CARPETS ETC. is your 1st choice when using a carpet-cleaning service!

  1. CARPETS ETC. cleans BY THE IICRC BOOK!! The IICRC is an international, independent, non-profit certifying body founded in 1972 to set standards for the cleaning/restoration service industry.
  2. CARPETS ETC. uses "advanced technology" and equipment such as the ROTARY JET EXTRACTOR (RX-20) vs. common wand equipment and the WATER CLAW which flushes out contaminants such as pet accidents and beverage spills!
  3. CARPETS ETC. uses "High-Velocity" AIR MOVERS for fast drying! You can walk on the carpet within hours vs. days.
  4. If you want it done right, you want an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner!
  5. Proper and thorough cleaning, by the book, will enhance the life of your carpets and furniture, which means they will stay cleaner longer!
  6. No leftover residues! Leftover residues attract soil making the carpet get dirty fast. Carpets stay cleaner longer and protectant bonds to the fiber (not to the residues) making soil and spills clean-up easier.
  7. Carpet and fabric manufacturers prefer IICRC Certified Firms, such as CARPETS ETC.!
  8. Honest work with honest pricing! No hidden charges! You will never be sold anything that you do not want or do not need! Find out what you should expect from a reputable carpet cleaning company.
  9. Personal GUARANTEE! 100% Satisfaction on Quality and Service.
  10. According to many CARPETS ETC. customers, once you have used CARPETS ETC., you will never need another carpet cleaning company again! Visit TESTIMONIALS.
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    This is what separates CARPETS ETC. from other carpet cleaning companies!
    Why even consider the “other” company?
    CARPETS ETC. offers much, much more in the way of proper and thorough cleaning!
    You be the judge!


    Let's Do a Quick Review!

    • Most people we clean for understand price vs. value. The rest understand the value when we have completed the job. Visit Price vs. Value Philosophy
    • More and more people are tired of paying out money for work that is substandard. They are starting to understand the philosophy, "You get what you pay for."
    • "Why would you spend more money using Carpets Etc. than one of my competitors that will charge you a fraction of what we charge?"

    Why Spend More Money?

    "Why would you spend more money using Carpets Etc. than one of my competitors that will charge you a fraction of what we charge?" What do we do so much more differently that would make you say, "I'd have to be a fool to use anybody else!" Business is business and budgets are budgets. Or, it could be the budget doesn't allow for a deep thorough cleaning and nobody can do what Carpets Etc. can do for pennies on the dollar. But what happens when that budget allows for a carpet cleaning to be a waste of your time and money?

    What Type of Equipment is Being Used?

    What type of equipment is the carpet cleaning company you hired using to clean the carpets at your office? Most companies use small portable extractors that have limited pressure and vacuum. Nobody likes to fill and dump using 5 gallon buckets of water, carrying it to and from the water closet. So what do they do? They could quickly skim over an area and say, "That's really the best we can do." Sure you were hoping the coffee spots would come out. Could you imagine just once using a spray bottle to clean the bird dropping off your car? No, you'd use a full stream of the garden hose and may even have to scrub it and rinse it again. It's the same way with the carpet.

    The Ultramatic 900 combined with the Rotary Jet Extractor (RX- 20) will thoroughly clean and flush out dirt, beverage spills, and yes, even existing residuals from previous cleanings that makes the carpet look dull, worn, and dirty looking, just when you thought your existing cleaning would have the opposite results.

    If you're embarrassed having clients come in to your place of business because the carpet looks dirty (even after having it cleaned) or you're downright tired of accepting substandard work and are ready to pay top dollar to have something done right as it should be, then you need to get in touch with us now.

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