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I hear all the time from my customers...

"The last guy never brought in so much equipment to clean my carpets before!"

"The last guy wasn't here nearly as long as you!"

"These carpets look better now than when I had them put in!"


Eric at Carpets Etc. is in my opinion, Pittsburgh’s most effective full service carpet cleaning and carpet repair company. I had several rooms in my home where the carpet had lifted and was rippled. It was just an eye sore. Eric came out and stretched and cleaned the back to the condition they were, the day they were installed. When it’s time to have your carpets cleaned, there’s only one man I trust. Eric at Carpets Etc.

~Denis Flaherty, Keller Williams Realty, Upper St. Clair

After we moved into our new home, which wasn’t so “new”, we were going to replace the berber carpet in the game room. In hopes of saving money we decided to have Eric from Carpets Etc clean them instead. Wow were we glad we did! The carpet not only cleaned up way more than we expected, but it was soft again! When my wife came home later that day the first thing she said was “it smells good in here!” Thanks Eric, we wouldn’t use or recommend anyone else!

~Eric Pensenstadler, Moon Twp

After one time of meeting Eric, from Carpet’s Etc., it’s obvious that he is a hard-working, courteous person who really knows what he's doing. He is professional and knowledgeable about carpet cleaning. When he left our home our carpets were not soaked like we experienced in the past, in fact they were barely wet. We would recommend Carpet’s Etc. to anyone. They truly are the Finest in Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

~Stacey Cope, TCA Construction Clinton, PA

I had my carpets cleaned a little over 2 years ago by Carpets Etc. I can’t hardly say enough how pleased we were with the results. Our new house was a rental property and had a dog smell that had existed for several years. Every tenant brought a carpet cleaner in to try to get rid of the odor. Our realtor could not believe the job that Eric did to finally get rid of it. Over 2 years later, the smell has never returned. I am so confident in Eric’s work, that I not only referred him to my mom, but also my mother-in-law

~Crystal Barr, Moon Twp

First, I would like to say, “I consider Eric from Carpets Etc., a carpet cleaning specialist, not just a carpet cleaner.” Over 14 years, I’ve had carpet installers and countless friends tell me how to remove a large coffee stain that I couldn’t get out, and even with all their advice, couldn’t remove it. I wasn’t sure if I should replace my carpet or have it cleaned. There were buckles in it and that coffee stain that I could never get out. Not only did Eric remove the buckles, he also cleaned my carpet. When my daughter came over, she couldn’t believe the coffee stain was gone. Thanks for saving me a costly carpet replacement.

~Bob Johnston, Robert Johnston Kitchen & Bath, Canonsburg

Like the average person, I am a bit ignorant when it comes to carpeting. So I did my research like anyone else would. I was contemplating replacing it all, living room, dining room, steps and upstairs hall. After pricing it, I also thought maybe just yank it and go with wood floors. There were lumps in the carpeting, and the age of it was more than 15 years. While I was researching I googled carpet stretching in the Pgh area and Eric's business came up. After setting up an appointment for his recommendation, he stopped by. He said the carpet was in great shape still for its age (only used on holidays) and recommended saving some serious money and having him power stretch it. That's what I did, and I am so glad I did! The carpet looks so good. I am going to get it cleaned in the spring by him also. Eric is a professional. He did a very safe, clean job. I must say also he sweats for his money and his attention to detail was very noticeable. I would and have recommended him to friends and relatives for any carpeting work. A very knowledgeable man in the carpeting industry!

~Dennis C. 2011

I just want to thank you again for the awesome job that you did on the carpets. My wife says that they have NEVER looked like they do now. Now when I refer people I can tell them that you are the best carpet cleaner that I have ever used.

~Tim Maloney, 2010