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Rotary Jet Extraction

Rotary Jet Extraction


Rotary Jet

The five vacuum heads and spray-jets rotational speed rotate at 130 RPM. That is 650 complete cleaning passes per minute. The principle behind using the RX-20 is to let the motor do the work for you.

Can you imagine having the physical strength and speed to accomplish this by hand? If you did, how long can one last before passing out?


Rotary Jet


There are cleaning dynamics taking place with an RX-20 that cannot be duplicated by hand. Do the math. It starts with exposure of a fiber to the cleaning process. Imagine the star on an RX-20 rotating at 130 RPM. This means over two rotations every second! Now, don't forget that there are five (5) individual cleaning heads on the star. Each of these heads has its own spray-jet and vacuum slot.

Some have thought that if they worked hard enough with a wand, they could equal the cleaning of a Rotary Jet Extractor (RX-20). It has proven otherwise.


Rotary Jet Extraction


If you were a fiber, you would be looking up at 10 of these injecting/extracting heads passing over each second. That is a lot of action and it is no wonder a fiber gives up dirt! More moisture is extracted giving your carpets a faster drying time.

This cleaning exposure cannot be duplicated by the action of a wand, not even for a moment, let alone hour after hour. This also means less operator fatigue, which gives your carpet the most attention at your home or place of business.

"It makes more sense to use a company, such as CARPETS ETC. that uses this style of cleaning than old, traditional methods!"